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Home Mortgage Loans From Online Mortgage Lenders

Buying a home is exciting — and stressful. And although homeownership has a greater payoff than renting because you’re paying to own the home instead of just live in it, it can be difficult to get started with the home-buying process.

When you work through an online mortgage broker like, we will match you with a lender that can provide the best interest rate for your home. One of the benefits of finding your home mortgage online is that you can check with many different online mortgage lenders instead of being limited to lenders in your immediate area.

Why Buy a Home?

Renting can be simple, so what’s your motivation for finding an online home loan? While renting seems simple, you’re limited when it comes to making changes to your living space, and all the money you pay to the landlord is gone forever.

When you own your home, you’re free to make whatever changes you want or need to. Also, all the mortgage payments you make go toward your home ownership — and when you’re done, the home is yours.

For help finding home mortgage loans, fill out this form to get started. We can find lenders who offer online mortgage loans that fit within your budget and fulfill your needs.

We Are Helping People Improve Their Financial Health

Homeownership is an investment

A home is a purchase that appreciates over time. While each local market has its own unique factors, the national median home price goes up each year, even in times of recession. As you pay your mortgage each month, your debt amount goes down, while the value of your home continues to rise.

Gain control over your living space

Homeownership means you can make improvements to your home, and home improvements usually lead to increased home value, both financially and in daily home life. The power of equity can give homeowners the extra financing they need to reinvest in their homes when cash funds aren’t an option.

Use your investment to make another investment

A home equity line of credit helps homeowners use the part of their home that’s already paid off to obtain financing for investments apart from the home itself, such as purchasing a boat or RV.

Stop Moving

Homeownership increases sustainability and stability. Moving from rental to rental is a major inconvenience and a financial and emotional burden.

How much is rent actually costing you?

Consider the amount one pays over a 10-year period. A $1000/month rental payment adds up quickly to a whopping $120,000 over 10 years, when the same amount of money could have gone toward reducing 1/3 of the debt on a 30-year home mortgage by essentially making the payments to yourself instead of a landlord. Wow!

Loan Programs

The right type of mortgage for you depends on many different factors.

Conventional loans are secured by government sponsored entities such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Conventional loans can be made to purchase or refinance homes, single family to four family homes.

A loan program where your monthly principal and interest payments never change.

These loans generally begin with an interest rate that is 2-3 percent below a comparable fixed rate mortgage, and could allow you to buy a more expensive home.

In certain markets, Adjustable Rate Loans (ARMs) may offer a low introductory rate or start rate. This start rate is for a limited time. As a rule, the lower the start rate is the shorter the time before the loan makes its first adjustment.

Various types of adjustable rate mortgages.

This index is used to determine the interest rate for some types of ARMs.

This index is used to determine the interest rate for some types of ARMs.

“Interest only” products are an easy way to save money and a very popular alternative to traditional fixed rates but they are not without risk. An “Interest Only” loan can offer consumers greater purchasing power, increased cash flow and a number of other benefits which are listed later in this article.

The GPM is an alternative to the conventional adjustable rate mortgage, and has a fixed note rate and payment schedule.

In certain markets, Interest Rate Buydowns may be available. In general Buydowns this is how they work. Payments are reduced and figured on a lower interest rate over a specific term. The difference between the “real” note rate and the lowered interest rate is paid in cash by the seller or the buyer. The more common buydowns are 3-2-1 and 2-1.

A reverse mortgage is a special type of loan made to older homeowners to enable them to convert the equity in their home into cash.

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