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Home Refinancing

There are a variety of reasons you might need home refinancing services. Refinancing is a good way to get a lower interest rate or to cash out some equity from your home to use for a remodeling project or important purchase.

Mortgage refinancing is also a good option if you had a small down payment and needed mortgage insurance. Once you’ve paid down some of the debt, you may not need mortgage insurance anymore, and home refinancing can give you the opportunity to let that obligation go.

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How Refinancing Works

When you use refinancing services to refinance your mortgage loan, you are essentially getting a new loan. If you want to change the terms of your mortgage, this is the way to do it. You can negotiate a lower interest rate, a different time frame, or a different cost based on the current value of your home. Contact a company that offers refinance home loan options.

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Refinance to get rid of mortgage insurance

You made a down payment of less than 20 percent, and you’ve been saddled with mortgage insurance payments, aka PMI, as a result. But in the years since you got the mortgage, you paid down some of the debt and, more important, the value of your house went up a lot. If the outstanding loan amount is less than 80 percent of the home’s appraised value, you might be able to refinance into a loan without private mortgage insurance.

Cash-in Refinance

Yes, in addition to the cash-out refinance, there’s such a thing as the cash-in refi. This happens when you have some money lying around and you spend it to pay off part of the old mortgage. Then the new, refinanced loan is for less than the old loan.

Rate and term mortgage refinance

Rate and term refinances are the most common form of refinancing. When you get a rate and term refinance, you replace your mortgage with a loan sporting a lower interest rate, and for roughly the same term. The term is the payoff period: A 30-year mortgage has a 30-year term.

Cash-out refinance

Cash-out refis were popular during the housing boom and contributed to the bust. When you get a cash-out refi, you borrow more money than the outstanding mortgage balance and you receive the difference in cash.

Refinance to shorten the term

You got a 30-year mortgage three or five years ago, and you want to refinance. You don’t have to start over with a 30-year repayment period. You can ask to pay it off in a shorter time than that — 27 years, 25 years, 20 years or 15 years. Your choice.

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